Mike Stroz for Park District Highland Park Board

Mike Stroz for Commissioner, Park District of Highland Park

Mike's Blog

To the citizens of Highland Park:

My name is Mike Stroz and I’m a candidate for Park District Commissioner.

Why am I running? I have a perspective, skill set and experience that will be a “missing voice” on the Park Board, a voice that will work to facilitate the best and most wonderful Park District experiences for our citizens and our community.

I believe we must maximize use of the incredible natural resources of our city and our lakefront, including access for all residents. At times, over the past few years, clashes between government bodies have made this difficult. Check out my EVENTS tab - I'd love to meet and talk with you. I want to hear your concerns, what's working for you, what could be better, your ideas and your dreams.

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  • Mike will protect your tax dollars
  • Mike will listen to all citizens
  • Mike will advocate for all users
  • Mike will work to keep all facilities accessible
  • Mike will bring a fresh perspective and management skills to Get Things Done
  • Mike will facilitate and negotiate hard conversations between government groups
  • Mike will see the big picture in small issues, and stay focused on long-term sustainability