Why Mike Stroz

Why Mike Stroz

To the citizens of Highland Park --

Mike is a proven advocate for the people of Highland Park. His leadership on the Park Avenue Beach Task Force, and the Friends of Park Avenue Beach led to the City and the Park District reversing the planned closure of Park Avenue Beach. The Beach and boating activities remained open for all citizens to enjoy in 2015.

Mike wants to be sure our Park District Board listens actively and effectively to everyone who uses or would use our amazing resources.

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Here's what you can expect of Mike:

  • Mike will protect your tax dollars as the Park District rolls out its GreenPrint future plan. He’s run multi‐million dollar projects and knows how to stay on track and get the most for your money.
  • Mike will listen to all citizens—from seniors to skateboarders—about what they want and how the parks can work for them.
  • Mike will advocate for all users. He led the successful “Save Park Avenue Beach” effort last year and will make sure our incredible natural resources are put to their highest and best use.
  • Mike will work to make sure all parks and beaches stay accessible and user friendly. Mike will bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and alternative solutions. His business background means a bright new voice.
  • Mike will facilitate and negotiate. He has and will continue to bring the Park District, City Council and all stakeholders together
  • Mike will see the big picture. That means the next generation will inherit vibrant, preserved and ecologically responsible parks.