Vote Early

Vote Early

Early Voting Information

Often the April election coincides with people’s plans for Spring vacation, or other time away.  If this is your situation, you can still vote – either with Early Voting or by requesting a mail-in ballot.

Early Voting – Anyone planning to vote in person (rather than with a mail-in ballot) has the option of early voting.  Early voting at the Highland Park Police Station begins Monday, March 20th and ends  Saturday, April 1st

Voting By Mail – You can request the ballot  now and it will be mailed to you after February 24- 40 days before the election.  If you request a mail-in ballot you may not be allowed to vote in person.

Request for Vote By Mail

There are two ways to request a vote by mail ballot. You may use a form you download from this site, or you may use links on this site to electronically request a ballot you may mail in through the post office.

The preferred method is an electronic request, following the process listed here. If for some reason that process is not working for you, we have the relevant forms linked at the bottom of the page. You may print out and mail in one of these forms to have a ballot sent to you for the vote-by-mail option.

Electronic Vote-By-Mail Registration

  1. Click this link to got through this request process online.
  2. When you click the final Submit button, you will be taken to another page where you can click: Request a Ballot By Mail APRIL ELECTION.
  3. A popup window will appear.  Click on Electronic Request, then click on Submit.
  4. Fill out the required information, then click on Submit Request.

Registering by Mail

If the electronic registration process is not working for you, or is not attractive, you may, use a One-Time Vote-By-Mail form. The relevant forms are listed here.

If you are a Snowbird, a Student, or you would like to vote by mail for all future elections, you can arrange to have the request for an absentee ballot mailed to you automatically.
Click on one of the following to download the form that matches your need.

One-Time Vote-By-Mail
Absentee Student Form
Snowbird Form
Always Receive Vote-By-Mail Forms