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Engaging the Public

Measures I believe would make the Park District Board more responsive to citizens:

  • Direct involvement: The recent history of the Park District Board is one of non-participation in community groups and even Park District events. Prominent events should be attended by board members, and there should be liaison positions held by Board members with other organizations, such as the City Council. This should extend to other groups, both official, such as the Lake Front Commission, and the sorts of ad hoc groups created by the public, such as the Friends of Park Avenue Beach. While invited to such groups, or even named as members of some, the Board has not been consistent with their involvement. Should I be elected, I would work to change this behavior across the board, starting with my own involvement.

  • Shorter terms: Right now, there are 5 Commissioners who serve 6 year terms. Four (4) year terms would allow voters greater influence, and more opportunity to course-correct through the ballot box. I would advocate for this change.

  • Rotating Presidency: The Commissioners used to elect or rotate the Presidency among themselves. This practice was discontinued several years ago. The result? Stifled initiative and creativity. Id advocate a return to past practices where the Presidency was rotated every year.